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McGyver School 
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McGyver (the original) is probably my favorite TV show of all time, in large part because it reflects my own philosophy of making do with what you have on hand - be creative with what you've got.  (A rather dishy leading man has absolutely nothing to do with it).

I also hate waste.  However, as Joe Jenkins, author of The Humanure Handbook, says - it's only waste if you throw it away.

McGyver School, therefore, is designed to keep stuff out of the landfill.

Instead of just throwing away something that is damaged, broken, or in need of TLC, repair it, repurpose it, upcycle it, find another use for it.  

Sunday - Repair Café

Our motto is Fix It, Don't Nix It.

Consult our library of repair books and give it a try yourself. Or we will find someone who can help.


Are you skilled in repairs of some sort?  
Do you want to learn?
Talk to me!
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