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The BE NICE Project

In 2015, I published a book titled "A Better Way".  The premise behind the book is that we need system change not climate change, and to get system change we need to change our thinking.  I truly believe that if we looked at all potential solutions through the lens of being nice to each other (and to the planet) we would find that better way.

To promote the book, I had buttons made:                               and I seldom leave the house without one pinned to my  coat,                                sweater or hat.


I have already given out hundreds of BE NICE buttons, and there are more for the taking.  

I have a new book out for children titled Bag Babies Save Civilization which is all about being nice, and now I have launched a campaign to be nice to the earth.  I call it 

Find out how you can be a part of it. 

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