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 A Better Way

I am convinced that a simple change in attitude will go a long way towards saving the world from the devastating effects of climate change, and towards slowing the 6th Extinction. 

I am convinced that man is the problem and manKIND is the solution.  

The world is in crisis and we must act urgently if the worst effects of climate change are to be avoided. Man got us into this mess and the ingenuity of man can get us out of it.  But only if each and every one of us does something. What you do doesn’t matter as much as how you do it.    The better way I am proposing is ridiculously simple - just be nice to your fellow man, to the other species that inhabit the planet, and be gentle with the world.

I am proposing an initiative to explore a better way for nearly every system underlying Western culture.

I am proposing that we individually and collectively look at every system, service and product we can influence. I am proposing that we think carefully about the ways in which our decisions affect others.

I am proposing system change not climate change. 


Or maybe just a little Revolution


Who I am

I am a citizen of the world, and I do what I can.

What I Believe

I believe that the matter of which the universe is composed (or ylem as I learnt just this morning) has always existed.  I'm still trying to come to grips with the Big Bang Theory, not that it matters very much.  What is quite clear is that there was no creator of the universe, and even less so of us.  We - and all the millions of other species that inhabit this planet - are the result of the often miraculous process of


No need, therefore, for god in any form, shape or size.  It's up to us to make a difference.

What I want to do

My mission is :

To preserve the biodiversity of the natural world

To save the human race from itself

To salvage our civilization.

Contact me:                 Or visit me: by chance or appointment

                        607-936-4732                                                         51 Bridge Street

                                                                                    Corning, NY 14830

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